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Murdoch The Seaman Puppet (Part 1)

Quick note: Morezmore is now on Instagram – morezmorestudio Another quick note: We sell everything I use here. So if you see something useful, get it from Morezmore. I am working on a new puppet commission: Murdoch, old salt seaman. The story takes place on a 19th century whaling ship Meduza. Murdoch will star in […]

Joe Blow (Part 6 – Replacement Faces)

Continues from Joe Blow (Part 5 – Head Mold) . . So… replacement faces. Low-tech, but quite satisfying. The first face (the how-to) took about 3 months, the second – about an hour, with a few tries and improvements, then it was about 15-30 minutes each. Now I make them like sugar cookies, a few […]

Joe Blow (Part 5 – Head Mold)

Continues from Joe Blow (Part 4 – Head)  . Another attempt at the face plates, starting with brand new mold, and a brand new mold making method (at least for me). I have been trying to figure out to make the reusable mold box, which will be not as wasteful as cardboard, but still affordable. […]

Joe Blow (Part 4 – Head)

Continues from Joe Blow (Part 3 – Ball-Socket Armature) Armature is done and I am going to make the body parts. As usual, I will be using the stuff we sell at Morezmore (www.morezmore.com). Eyes. I am using delrin ball 7mm, with drilled holes – to make them rotate inside the head. I described how […]

HPA Pipe Cleaners Hand Armature Step-by-Step Instructions

.. Pipe cleaners hand armature was a success, so it is now available as a KIT. In addition to this kit, you will also need threadlocker or super glue, pliers, wire cutters and a needle with thread

Joe Blow (Part 3 – Ball-Socket Armature)

Continues from Joe Blow (Part 2 – Maquette for Stop Motion Puppet) With the maquette done, I am starting with the actual puppet. As usual, I will be using the stuff we sell at Morezmore (www.morezmore.com). Here is the photo printout and the outline on tracing paper. . .

Joe Blow (Part 2 – Maquette for Stop Motion Puppet)

Continues from Joe Blow (Part 1 – Maquette for Stop Motion Puppet) Hair.

Joe Blow (Part 1 – Maquette for Stop Motion Puppet)

Hi, friends, After a long break, I am returning to my studio and starting a fresh project. Joe, also known as Joe Blow, Joe Bloggs, Juan Pérez, Вася Пупкин, and so on. Joe will be 9″ tall, cartoon style male character, on a steel ball-socket Humanly Posable armature (new kit, named “Joe” coming soon). So […]

Nikolai (Part 2) – Flexible Silicone Hands

Nikolai (Part 2) – Flexible Silicone Hands

Continues from Part 1. So, first – hands. In this post I will describe the full process of making silicone hands with wire and ball joint armature (2 sets of hands), report on a couple of experiments and name all the materials used for making these hands (with links to the store). . .

Nikolai (Part 1) – Armature

Nikolai (Part 1) – Armature

Nikolai is Igor‘s twin brother, or rather Igor-2.0. If all goes as planned, Nikolai will be starring in a stop motion film. A group of stop motion enthusiasts are making a collaboration stop motion project. Each of us take a “job” (script, storyboard, character concept sketches, puppet fabrication, props, animation, editing, music and foley, etc.). […]