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Morezmore – Miss Marple – Part 5

******************* Miss Marple is currently on 7-day auction Miss Marple’s Auction (starting Sunday, December 4, 2016, and ending Sunday, December 11, 2016, 3:00 pm Eastern US Time). Starting Bid is US $0.99 This is a tradition. All Morezmore dolls are sold on auction with a starting bid $0.99. Come and win her! *******************   Continues […]

Morezmore – Miss Marple – Part 4

Continues from Part 3. Skirt Tools and materials on the photos – paper towels – stretch fabric for the suit – Fabritac glue – scissors – toothpicks – mini spatula

Morezmore – Miss Marple – Part 1

Hello, friends, I am starting my new doll and will be making her while continuing working on the BJD Bone project. This dolls will be traditional and relaxing – a doll who does not fight me every minute of the process. I will be mostly relying on “best practices”, using the doll-making techniques that I […]

Decorating with Microbeads OOAK doll costume

Full description of this doll can be found on Mistress of Copper Mountain post. HOW TO DO THIS BEADING: You will need: