INSTRUCTIONS: Humanly Posable Armature

The kits are now retired (no time to make them) – get the parts and follow the instructions!

Thank you!

Cat and Thomas Armature
Murdoch Armature

HPA-2R Simple Kits (M00272 Starter Kit, M00272 Hardware Only)
HPA-M2R Basic Kits (M01110 Starter Kit, M01141 Hardware Only)
HPA-M3 Standard Kits (M01254 Starter Kit, M01359 Hardware Only)
HPA-M3 Superflex Kits (M00020 Starter Kit, M00862 Hardware Only)
Pipe Cleaners Hand Armature
Hand Armature Kit (M01039, M01074)
Feet Armature Kit (M0404)
Magnetic Wrist Joints Kit (M00220)
Animatable Stop Motion Puppet Eyes

Humanly Posable Armature (HPA) project purpose is to use stop-motion style armature in art dolls/figures/puppets, to make them move and pose.

As I am discovering, there are several ways to do the same joint or connection, so look at HPA as an “Erector” type construction set for dolls.

Professional stop-motion armatures are wonderful, but pretty hard to make. They are made by professional artists craftsmen in a metal machine shop with all the power equipment. The result is fantastic.

As I don’t see myself doing machine tooling, I wanted a set of standardized interconnecting parts to create my own custom size and custom purpose armatures. And they should be somewhat affordable.

I have been thinking about this cross-industry project for about a year, looking for standard steel parts all over the internet, figuring out shapes and sizes from photos, converting metrics millimeters to US inches and back, talking to vendors, buying the parts, waiting for international delivery, trying to fit them together. Some of them are standard hardware parts, and some of them I had to order custom.

Then I got finally all the parts together and made Monsieur Poirot, as an experiment. Folks on Facebook really liked Poirot and the whole idea. Inspired, I am continuing and will be glad to see other artists joining me on this project (using stop motion armature for OOAK doll). Your questions and comments are welcome. Thank you!


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Sophronia and Harold

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King and Jester

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2015-06-29 09.27.27 2015-06-29 09.27.27

Monsieur Poirot

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