Murdoch The Seaman Puppet (Part 5)

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Continues from Part 4

2015-06-29 09.27.27.

Next – vest, cap, jacket and care package items.

More from the Animators:
New Bedford set piece for the upcoming film.
Follow @workshedanimation for more amazing behind the scenes videos.

Murdoch’s sea. Follow @workshedanimation for more bts.
Ocean process made from liquid latex, blue paint, clear hair gel, a painters tarp and a robot made by @littlemantait.

Fiddler/Fisherman Cap
Tools and Materials on the photos below
thin felt in black
thin leather ( if you are shopping, look for “paper thin leather”. Leather from old gloves works too).
removable scotch tape
fabritac glue
acetone (to thin fabritac)
4mm studs in silver
mini shoelace cord
needle and thread

Reference image of what I wanted and the pattern found on the internet:

2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.
I modified, so that I can print it in my size.
If you want to use it:
– download the image just below
– measure the circumference of the head
– set the image size width to that number (circumference of the head). Photoshop allows that, maybe some other programs.
– print.
2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.
The visor is felt on the bottom, leather on top, glued.

2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.
Making the folded edge – paint a section of a thin line of fabritac glue on the edge, carefully fold with tweezers, and press with the ruler. Keep painting new sections with glue, folding the edge and sliding the ruler over the newly glued section.

2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.
Sew all the other parts (forgot about photos, but it is rather self-explanatory, when you start putting things together).
2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.

Add 2 studs, glue the cord loop around them, a few stitches next to the stud to make it secure.

2015-06-29 09.27.27.

2015-06-29 09.27.27.
Now about the part that made me forget about the photos.
When I finished sewing the cap parts together and tried it on it did not want to stay on the head.
It was sliding upwards on the sleek hair and forehead. Not much weight to the hat to keep it down.
I tried this and that and finally found the solution – glued a rubber band to the inside of the cap edge.
It is a regular office tan rubber band, glued with fabritac glue and sewn together where it was cut to fit the size.
It does not stretch, that is not its purpose at this particular case. But it is just the right size and sits snug around the head and sort of grips – does not slide off the hair. Good workable solution, try it if you need it.

2015-06-29 09.27.27

Vest fabric – bottom part of an old shirt (thin stripe corduroy, washed!).
Pattern – use your shirt pattern.
3mm metal buttons in bronze
beer mug

2015-06-29 09.27.27.

2015-06-29 09.27.27.

2015-06-29 09.27.27.

Afterthought watch and watch pocket. If you are smart, you plan ahead and make it comfortably at the appropriate time, not like I am doing here. But this will work.

Cut the vest carefully with an exacto knife from the front, making sure the cut is under that decorative pocket flap.
Ribbon for the inner watch pocket.
mini pocket watch

2015-06-29 09.27.27.

2015-06-29 09.27.27.

2015-06-29 09.27.27.

2015-06-29 09.27.27.

Second item from Murdoch’s care package for the Animators @workshedanimation, a telescoping spyglass. (First being the watch).
Can you tell I am itching to animate Murdoch? But I know that Animators will do a better job and I want Murdoch come alive in their hands.

Miniature Brass Telescope Spyglass Prop 3 inch
1mm O-link chain in gold
assorted color and size jump rings

2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.
2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.

Continues on Part 6

5 comments on “Murdoch The Seaman Puppet (Part 5)

  1. Absolutely fantastic, what you do is amazing. And thank you for sharing.

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  2. Murdoch is flat-out amazing 😀 Love everything about him, but especially those old tattoos on his hands…they look so real!

    Liked by 1 person

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