*1:6 Scale Carved Oak Chair

How to use silicone baking molds to make carved wood furniture

2015-06-29 09.27.27 2015-06-29 09.27.27.


Tools and Materials for the Chair
The wood framework was made similar to the Mirror. This post is about using molds for “carved wood” effect.

wood cutout 4″x4″ for the seat
balusters for legs and back supports
– wooden skewers for the frame
mini saw to cut the skewers
magic sculpt epoxy putty for carved wood effect (see description below)
silicone molds for carved wood effect (see description below)
super glue
– long nose pliers
– cardboard
–  ice pick to start the holes before drilling
–  manual drill handle and drill bits
ruler and compass divider for measurements
– velvet fabric (for upholstery)
– small thin micro spatula to clean up the mold, to tuck upholstery into the frames
–  toothpicks for magic smooth epoxy
–  forceps to hold things
wooden beads for decoration
–  Decoart acrylic paint Umber Brown
– Minwax wood finish
–  jewelry findings for brass tacks

2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.

2015-06-29 09.27.27.
Using silicone molds to create the “carvings”
1. Mix magic sculpt epoxy putty (or use polymer clay, or air dry clay, or Sculpey UltraLight polymer clay).
2. Fill up the mold.

2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.

3. Press down well to pack.
4. Cut off and remove the excess clay.

2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.
5. Clean it up to make flat with the surface.
6. Let harden a little – so that it is not fall apart when pulled out, but no completely rock-hard.
7. Apply with glue and shape into a “carving”.
8. Paint with brown acrylic paint which works as a primer.
9. Paint with wood finish.

2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.
Here are 2 other molds used for this chair:

2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.

2015-06-29 09.27.27. 2015-06-29 09.27.27.

Hope you like it.

Thank you

5 comments on “*1:6 Scale Carved Oak Chair

  1. Wow. I’ve always wanted to try making miniature furniture myself and this technique worked brilliantly. Since I make dolls in different scales, I have trouble finding pre-made chairs that are the right size. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve used this type of mold for all sorts of things using paperclay, but I’ve never thought of using them for furniture. Brilliant, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another project in my future!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Will you be selling the other molds shown above? I especially like the one with the 2 ornate motifs…I can see magnificent royal-looking bed head- and footboards pieced together using them 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yes, they are coming! I got only a few to try, so they are sold out, but I did order more. Thank you, friends!


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