*Miniature Baby – Part 2

Continued from Morezmore Miniature OOAK Polymer Clay Baby – Part 1.

The head. Make a ball out of clay on top of the head module, a little smaller than the tummy. Find the hole – the bottom of the head module, grab it with the forceps – this is the handle to hold the head without touching it. Find the horizontal and vertical center of the future face. The whole Baby face will be under the middle horizontal line, the horizontal line itself – that is where his eyebrows are.



<a href="//morezmore.wordpress.com/2016/11/03/morezmore-baby-part-1/


I made a few step by step pictures. It is still very difficult for me to make the head that I am happy with and it still takes a rather long time. I wish there were 10-15 clear steps you can easily follow. In reality, there are many many steps and touches. I am sure I will be able to make a better step by step tut in the future, but for now – at least you can get some idea of how to make a head.

Note: You will be adding clay for nose, cheeks, chin (shown) and forehead (not shown, I forgot to take a picture).
















When you come to the point you like your baby face, smooth it carefully with a mop brush with a bit of smoothing oil. Bake without taking off the forceps.

Here is what I have now – baked.




And a little more:


Meanwhile, I sanded the first baby with abrasive open mesh. Then painted her with Translucent Liquid Sculpey, baked. Now she is nice and smooth. It is not necessary to sand your clay sculpts, but I love the feel of the polished clay and always sand (at the same time correcting all minor mistakes and bumps, refilling them with clay, if necessary. Translucent Liquid Sculpey makes the scratches and tiny imperfections disappear.


Back of the first baby. And the second baby is also finished.


I also make Baby # 3 (smaller, different way, only one piece of wire for the armature). Here is a step-by-step in pictures:


































One more – Baby # 4 (yet another way, with removable armature wire and rather inventive (I think) way to make those tubes for head and body modules)





















Thank you!

7 comments on “*Miniature Baby – Part 2

  1. […] Too many pictures – the page takes a long time to load – I am continuing on a new post Part 2 – Morezmore #27. Miniature OOAK Polymer Clay Baby […]


  2. I think you’re brilliant! I also love you’re so willing to share the process and secrets many ooak artists won’t .
    I’m in awe. Great shop too

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  3. I totally agree with Netty. You are an amazing artist and make it look so easy. I also think your shop is amazing. I have bought a few things already and I will buy more.
    Thanks so much
    Wilma K

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  4. I just love all the pictures. A picture is better than a thousand words.

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