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Morezmore – Miss Marple – Part 4

Continues from Part 3. Skirt Tools and materials on the photos – paper towels – stretch fabric for the suit – Fabritac glue – scissors – toothpicks – mini spatula

Morezmore – Miss Marple – Part 3

Continues from Part 2.    Hair Style – a classic Victorian (Edwardian?) Bun Tools and materials on the photos – Tibetan lamb fur (remnants in Snow White, Silver Grey and Flaxen Blonde) – Fabritac glue – scissors – toothpicks – small thin micro spatula (to tuck the ringlets into the hairline)

Morezmore – Miss Marple – Part 2

Continues from Part 1. Wrapping – something new for me, but definitely a well-known method of making a body. I decided to wrap Miss Marple’s body in cotton gauze instead of sculpting it out clay because after she is dressed, she will never be undressed. So no need to put Miss Marple through the indecencies […]

Morezmore – Miss Marple – Part 1

Hello, friends, I am starting my new doll and will be making her while continuing working on the BJD Bone project. This dolls will be traditional and relaxing – a doll who does not fight me every minute of the process. I will be mostly relying on “best practices”, using the doll-making techniques that I […]

Morezmore Miniature OOAK Polymer Clay Baby – Part 2

Continued from Morezmore Miniature OOAK Polymer Clay Baby – Part 1. The head. Make a ball out of clay on top of the head module, a little smaller than the tummy. Find the hole – the bottom of the head module, grab it with the forceps – this is the handle to hold the head […]

Morezmore Miniature OOAK Polymer Clay Baby – Part 1

For some time now I wanted to try to make one of those tiny cute babies. Yesterday I made one and enjoyed it very much. Here are the pictures of the first one – please see below. I promised I will do a step-by-step Work in Progress Blog post on my second baby – so, […]