What size of eyes do I need for my doll?

Deb Wood
‘s method of calculating eye size:

An adult is about 7.5-8 heads tall. Let us say, your doll is 27 cm tall and your proportions are 7.5 heads in the body. 27 cm (270 mm), divided by 7.5, equals 3.6 cm (36 mm). The average head is 5 eye widths wide and 7 eye widths tall. Take the number 3.6 cm (36 mm) and divide by 7, you will get 0.514 cm or 5.14 mm. This is the width of the entire eye including the whites. Some people get confused about it and think people are talking about the size of the iris. Therefore, a 27 cm doll will need 5 mm eyes.

5 comments on “What size of eyes do I need for my doll?

  1. Natasha, can you explain the eye width in inches for me?

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  2. Hi, Bobbie, you can use online inch to cm calculator, but you will need to convert back from inches to mm when you try to purchase eyes – they are usually in mm anyway.
    Here is online calculator:


  3. what size eyes would I need for a 9″ doll ?


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