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Water Lily (Part 8 – Dress)

Continues from Part 7

2015-06-29 08.25.39  2015-06-29 09.27.27

Morezmore OOAK Doll #29
Scale: 1/6, Size: 11.5″ (29 cm)
Part 8: Dress

Tools and materials:
silk gauze
– Paverpol fabric hardener
mini scissors
disposable brushes
– lace
Fabritac glue
– needle and thread
flat mop brush

I am trying to figure out the dress. I used wet paper towels to help me decide on the style of the dress and the size of the pieces of silk I need to cut. Here she is – in wet paper towels.

Morezmore-29  2015-06-27 10.36.19
I read somewhere that scissors can be sharpened by cutting aluminum foil. Confirming – yes, this idea works great.

2015-06-28 08.37.29
Decided to try Paverpol. On the photo – silk, Paverpol (clear), water, stirring stick, brash.
2015-06-28 08.38.19 2015-06-28 08.39.26
Silk out of Paverpol and on the next photo – squeezed the excess.

2015-06-28 08.40.56 2015-06-28 08.43.59
Here is what it looks like.

2015-06-28 08.46.48 2015-06-28 08.50.48
I decided that it will work, but the silk is too fine to use Paverpol full strength. Decided to dilute Paverpol with water 1:1
Also – change of mind regarding the style and bigger piece of silk.
Gathered silk on the thread for the skirt.

2015-06-29 07.54.47 2015-06-29 07.58.11

2015-06-29 08.00.30-1 2015-06-29 08.01.03

2015-06-29 08.01.36 2015-06-29 08.04.07
Tied the paverpoled silk skirt to the waist.

2015-06-29 08.04.46 2015-06-29 08.06.29
Style with wet brush. More smaller pieces of silk smoothed directly on the body. Paverpol works like glue, dries clear.
Diluted 1:1 Paverpol is much better for my purposes. Still the silk dried very stiff. I will try 1 part of paverpol with 2 parts of water next time.

2015-06-29 08.25.39  2015-06-29 09.27.27

To be continued…

Thank you for watching!

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