*Water Lily – Part 7 – Base

Continues from Part 6

2015-06-26 09.05.16 2015-06-26 09.04.18
Morezmore OOAK Doll #29
Scale: 1/6, Size: 11.5″ (29 cm)
Part 7: Base

Tools and materials:
wooden base plaque
– drill or ice pick
brass tube 3/32″
magic smooth epoxy gel
– a piece of manzanita wood
– pebbles/stones
artificial moss
artificial grass
Fabritac glue
– metal lid (from a candle)
disposable spatulas

I need that metal lid because I am planning to make faux water on the base. The lid will contain whatever “liquid” I will use.
Made a hole for the 3/32″ tube – in the metal part and in the wooden base. It fits telescopically into the leg module which is made out of 1/8″ tube.

2015-06-22 07.50.24  2015-06-22 08.10.45
A drill is faster, but icepick can be used if no drill available.
Mixed magic smooth. For smaller quantities of magic smooth I use toothpicks. Disposable spatulas are great for mixing larger quantities of magic smooth. Whatever tools you use to mix epoxy, be prepared that you will have to dispose of those tools, so don’t use your family silverware.

2015-06-22 08.46.12 2015-06-22 09.02.43
Glued the metal lid onto the wooden plaque. More magic smooth inside the metal part.

2015-06-22 09.05.21 2015-06-22 09.09.23

A piece of manzanita wood – I had it around, why not to use it, small stones around. Magic smooth is capable of holding all this together. Tried it with the doll – that’s about the right height for the base tube. Left it alone for the night so that magic smooth epoxy gel had time to fuse it all together.

2015-06-22 09.59.38  2015-06-22 09.18.15

2015-06-22 10.00.35-1

Next day: Put the artificial moss into all nooks and crannies, the glue is Fabritac.

2015-06-26 07.37.58 2015-06-26 07.39.38
Put some artificial grass (this grass is actually horse hair, dyed green. Is used for miniature railroad landscaping), I think it looks nice.

2015-06-26 07.39.59  2015-06-26 08.54.52

I want my base to look like an edge of a lake or a pond – green with a bit of water. I considered a few options of artificial water: 1. use Liquid Illusion faux water (I had a bit of for some time, might be old); 2. find online and buy clear epoxy; 3. try using Fabritac. One of my Fabritac bottles fell inside a box and leaked and dried. When I found it, I was impressed with the clarity of the piece of dried Fabritac. Well, Fabritac is right here, so now is a good time to test it for making artificial water. So here you go – I poured some right in. I did not need a lot of water, just enough to cover about half an inch deep. It looks great, I think.

2015-06-26 08.55.58 2015-06-26 09.04.18

Trying it with the doll. It works. She is stepping over the water, aiming for the larger yellow stone.

2015-06-26 09.05.16 2015-06-26 09.05.25
2015-06-26 09.07.44 2015-06-26 09.15.35

Update on fabritac for faux water – not a good idea, after all. Too many air bubbles when it all dried. Unless you want bubbles. I did not particularly mind them this time, but next time for “still water” effect I will look for something else, not fabritac.

Next – the costume.
Thank you for keeping me company. 🙂
Continues on Part 8

5 comments on “*Water Lily – Part 7 – Base

  1. You are absolutely fabulous! I am impressed on how “real” your fairies look, and all the great ideas you have!! I have been a long time follower on ebay, and havent seen the part where you use feathers for eye lashes! Another great idea, is mixing the FabricTac with Pure Acetone, as its hard to work with.
    Thank you, my dear, for all your talents shown to us “wannabe fairy makers” and involve us in your world of great wonders!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Do you still liquid illusion.


  3. No,sorry, we do not have it any longer


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