*Water Lily – Part 5 – Hair

Continues from Part 4

Morezmore OOAK Doll #29
Scale: 1/6, Size: 11.5″ (29 cm)
hair-40 hair-29

Part 5: Hair
Tools and materials:
Tibetan lamb fur
Fabritac glue
– pure acetone (technical, hardware store type) – to dillute Fabritac glue and for clean up.
– water in spray bottle
– hairstyle gel (or any human hair hair-styling product of your choice)
– Q-tips (regular household ear-cleaning q-tips)
mini swabs g-tips
mini scissors
– small hair comb
– toothpicks
X-Acto knife


028. With a sharp X-Acto knife, from the skin side cut a small strip of fur

hair-01 hair-02

029. Sheer the hair off the strip and separate them into individual locks

hair-03 hair-04
030. Cut the tip off the end of the lock to make a clean even end.

hair-05 hair-06
031. On glass surface, draw a line of Fabritac glue and put locks on the line, one lock at a time.

hair-07 hair-08
032. Press down the hair with a knife or scalpel and draw another line of Fabritac on top of hair. Wait a little and with a WET finger pat the glue line down, flattening the hair ends and the glue, so that ends of every strand of hair become flat and saturated with glue.

hair-09 hair-10
033. Make one welt with short pretty locks, this one will go around the face. One the picture below it is the one with the scalpel on top.
Make a few welts. I ended up using almost all of these welts. On the top of the photo (between the ruler and the scissors) you can see the sheered (used) pieces of skin and what is left from the 4″ x 4″ (10 cm x 10 cm) piece of  fur. I used about 1/3 of the original 4″ x 4″ piece.

034. When the glue is dry to the touch, scrape it off the glass with the scalpel.
Here is one of the welts. It is pliable and stretchable.

hair-12 hair-13
035. Start cutting small sections of welts, as large or as small as needed. Carefully trim them, making sure that you leave enough glue to hold the locks together. You can gently stretch them. Spread some Fabritac on the head, put hair locks on the head, row after row. Press and hold a few seconds after you put each lock.

hair-14 hair-15

hair-16 hair-17

hair-18 hair-19
036. I cut the groove right into the head. It will help with the last part – top of the head and the parting on the hair.

hair-21 hair-22
037. Put some glue (more than for other pieces) into the groove, put a pretty large tuft of hair into the groove. Hold and wait till the Fabritac grabs the ends well. At that time the hair is standing on the ends vertically up. Then separate the hair where the parting should be and press HARD with the BLUNT side of the sculpel pushing the ends deeper into the groove. HOLD again for a minute or so.

hair-23 hair-24
038. Leave to dry the glue.

hair-25 hair-27
039. When the glue is completely dry – in a few hours, take your doll to the kitchen sink and quickly saturate the hair completely. Quickly. Fabritac is water-proof, but it can be soaked off, so don’t run water on the head for hours. Style the hair with hair gel, make it pretty.

hair-28 hair-29

hair-30  hair-32

hair-33 hair-34

hair-35  hair-38

hair-39 hair-40
040. After the hair is dry, if you see some glue showing, you can clean it up with a Q-tip (or G-tip, which is a mini Q-tip) saturated with pure acetone (hardware acetone, not nail polish remover). Fabritac is acetone-based.

041. About the makeup and blushing – well, the only thing I can tell you that it is done. I am not particular happy with it, it is all right, but I did not even feel like taking pictures – I was clearly not knowing what I was doing. I need to read some tutorials how to do it better. I will do a thorough makeup learning on the next doll. The makeup was done with genesis paints.

Thank you for keeping me company. 🙂

Continues on Part 6 – Eyelashes

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  1. Have you ever done a Michael Myers 1/6?


  2. Have you ever done a Michael Myers 1/6? Just got your hair off eBay. Pretty nervous


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