*Water Lily – Part 1 – Armature

Morezmore-29-034 2015-05-30 08.46.21-1

Morezmore OOAK Doll #29
Scale: 1/6, Size: 11.5″ (29 cm)

Part 1: Armature.

Tools and materials:

– proportions image (laminated with scotch tape)
thick wire steel 14 ga
thin wire steel 24 ga
long-nose pliers
– wire cutters
brass tubing 1/8″ and 3/32″
tubing cutter
wooden plaque for base
armature stand (rotating) or non-rotating
“Lock-it” nut
Magic sculpt epoxy putty
Proportions image: There is a huge number of proportions charts on the internet: google “female proportions”. If you like the one I use (by Andrew Loomis) – here it is. Click to enlarge and print.


Step by step:
001. Cut 3 pieces of thick wire. The length of piece #1 and #2 – from wrist – to shoulder – to neck – to tailbone – to hipbone – to heel. The length of piece 3 – from knee to top of the head:


002. Bent the wire:

Morezmore29-002 Morezmore29-003

Morezmore29-004 Morezmore29-005

Morezmore29-006 Morezmore29-007

003. Wrapped the pieces of thick wire together with the thin wire:

Morezmore29-008 Morezmore29-009

Morezmore29-010 Morezmore29-011

Morezmore29-014 Morezmore29-015

004.Bent at shoulders and hips. Cut at the bottom and at the wrists:

Morezmore29-016 Morezmore29-017

By the way, old motorcycle gloves protect the hands from nicks and cuts while working with wire:

Morezmore29-012 Morezmore29-013

005. Bent the spine to make the natural spine curve:


006. Cut brass tubing 1/8″ to make legs, arms and heads modules:

Morezmore29-019 Morezmore29-020

007. Made a base: cut a piece of brass tubing 3/32″ and inserted into the wooden plaque.
With a drill: Drill a hole in the plaque, fill it with magic sculpt , insert piece of tube, let it cure.
If you don’t have a drill, you can make a hole (with much more difficulty) with an ice pick. Trim the armature standing leg wire so that it will fit on tube of the base:

Morezmore29-021 Morezmore29-021a


008. Put the armature on the base and make the pose.

Morezmore29-023 Morezmore29-024

009. Threaded the wire through the Lock-it Nut:

Morezmore-29-025 Morezmore-29-026

010. Attached the Lock-It Nut to the armature with thin wire – as tight as I could:

Morezmore-29-027 Morezmore-29-028

Morezmore-29-029 Morezmore-29-030

011. Screwed the armature nut onto the horizontal wire:
Morezmore-29-031 Morezmore-29-032

Morezmore-29-033 Morezmore-29-034


Extra horizontal arm works as a handy handle while sculpting:


012. Took even parts of resin and hardener of Magic Sculpt epoxy putty and mixed it well.
It gets uniform white color and slightly warm.

2015-05-30 08.02.41

013. Applied to the armature, built some bulk on rib cage, hips, scull. Left the joints open for the time being, so that I can correct the pose later. Left it to cure. Magic sculpt working time is about 30 minutes after mixing, curing time to “hard to the touch” – about 1.5 hours, complete cure – 12 hours.

2015-05-30 08.46.31 2015-05-30 08.46.21-1

Continues in Part 2.

10 comments on “*Water Lily – Part 1 – Armature

  1. I love to watch your works in progress…I love the details….so interesting to watch………thanks for sharing!

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  2. Thanks for sharing again and ///love your work

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  3. Thanks for starting up your blog and eBay store again.
    I’ll be in touch.

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  4. Hi Natasha, I’m working my way through your tutorial on Water Lily, and I’m confused about the three wires and their lengths. The way it is worded (“the length of piece #1 and #2 from wrist to shoulder to neck to tailbone to hipbone to heel and piece #3 from knee to top of the head) doesn’t compute for me.


  5. […] the maquette’s wire skeleton, I am using Morezmore Modular Brickhouse armature – if you are interested in step by step […]


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