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Make your own Loopy Tool

Morezmore Loopy Tool.
Another thing I wanted to share is this hand-made tool. I have been using it for a little while and it started to prove itself very handy. As I had some leftover Magic Smooth this morning, I decided to give it a serious permanent handle. Here you go:
2015-06-26 09.05.16

Suggested uses:

– eyelid creases – the main reason for me, as the lids came out sort of thick on this sculpt (match the diameter of the loop to the eyelid and press)
– parted lips
– those impossible tiny indentations next to the wings of the nose
– smile lines
– creases behind the ears and inner works of ears as well
– armpits, crotch creases, bend elbow creases, behind, under knees
– palm lines, wrist lines, nailbeads (insert a thick needle into the loop and pull it hard to make a tiny loop), maybe even cuticles.
– feet and toes and lines on the sole, heel creases
To get the needed diameter for the specific task on one of the loops, insert some round handle and pull.

How to make your own – easy! several loops of wire (I used 24 gauge steel wire and 17 gauge steel wire) tied up together, inserted into a handle (metal handle from a ball pen would do great) and epoxied dead.

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