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*Ole Lukøje

Morezmore OOAK Doll #16
Ole Lukoie is 1:12 scale miniature and is 5.75″ tall.
Overall sculpt height – with the base and umbrella – 10″.

“…Under each arm he carries two umbrellas; one of them, with pictures, he spreads over the good children, and then they dream the most beautiful stories the whole night. But the other umbrella has no pictures, and this he holds over the naughty children so that they sleep heavily, and wake in the morning without having dreamed at all.”

“Ole-Lukoie” by Hans Christian Andersen

Ole Lukøje is one of my favorite folk tales by Hans Christian Andersen. He is a mysterious mythic creature and based on folklore character of the Sandman. Ole Lukøje gently takes children to sleep and, depending on how good or bad they were, shows them various dreams.

Ole Lukoie walks in stockings without shoes so that not to wake anybody up. When he comes, the room fills with flowers, trees, songs or birds and floral fragrances. In my sculpt, the base is decorated with potpourri which was sealed with clear coat, but it still has a faint fragrant aroma about it.

If the child is up, he sprinkles sweet milk into his or her eyes to make him or her sleepy. He carries sweet milk in the old golden milk bottle hanging on his shoulder.

  • feathers
  • velvet
  • beads
  • brass tubing
  • potpourri
  • pearl-ex powders
  • genesis paints

Ole Lukoie is made from Prosculpt polymer clay over the Morezmore Modular Brickhouse Armature – a strong epoxy-fortified galvanized steel wire and brass tubing construction which allows to remove the sculpt from the base. He has mouth-blown glass eyes. His hands are armatured as well, to ensure a good secure grip on the umbrellas. Ole Lukoie is standing with the help of a brass tube and a rod and is removable from his base. His open colorful umbrella is also removable for safe shipping. As usual, there is a Morezmore Key on the base.

Ole Lukoie is 1:12 scale miniature and is 5.75″ tall. Overall sculpt height – with the base and umbrella – 10″.


These were the inspiration images – illustrations by Victor Pivovarov. That is the Ole Lukøje that I remember from my childhood book.

I did not write step-by-step notes when I was making my early OOAK dolls, but I was taking pictures.

Face. His hair is made out of feathers.

Umbrellas (a black on for bad-behaving children and a fun colorful umbrella for good-behaving children).
The colorful umbrella is made out of brass tubes and paper, the images were printed from internet and covered with crystal lacquer.





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  1. Magical, Natasha! Nice connection to childhood fantasies. Carlo

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